Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A lot of cool stuff is going on in the I Built That world. I have to catch you up on a lot of things, make some updates, show some pictures and talk about some really cool people I met last weekend at The Urban Chicken down in Raleigh. For now though, I just want to say I'm putting together a real website. The address is: I know it's long, but "" costs a small fortune. It isn't finished yet, but maybe you could check it out and tell me what you think, what it needs, etc.

See you soon!



  1. Hiya! Long time no see! I just started a page about my move from Suburban DC to the rural NC mountains. I'm enjoying your ideas and designs, and thought you may want to check out my page sometime. We bought an old house and demolished some walls yesterday, it was great! We're also planning an off grid cabin on the land. I'm very new to all of this, but I think I fell in love with building :)

    1. Miz,

      I'm adding you to my "Local yocals and some other like-minded knuckleheads" sidebar here, under the category of like-minded knucklehead. I'm excited to see what you get in to. Let me know if you need any advice on anything, I'll probably tell you the wrong thing and make your problems worse, but you can come back for advice on the new problems too.

      Seriously though, I want to share a couple things with you guys as you head in to this journey, just a couple things I've discovered about building stuff:

      1.) Dogged persistence and an irrational sense of self confidence are the most valuable tools you'll ever own. Creativity, ingenuity and an adventurous spirit are next in line, after that comes a good chainsaw. Don't skimp on your chainsaw.

      2.) There's always someone showing you how to do it on Youtube.

      3.) There are always naysayers saying you can't do this or that, screw 'em.

      4.) Really, don't skimp on a chainsaw.

      5.) Always assume the electricity is going to zap your buns off, the gas is going to blow up in your face and the heavy stuff is going to fall and crush your tootsies.

      6.) You can do anything.

      See Ya!

    2. Thank you for the sound advice and encouragement! I already feel like I have a sense of renewed optimism and faith out here. The mind-numbing 9-to-5 was killing my spirit! I noticed you took a step back from teaching. I've been hearing so much lately about the "politics in the school system" so I don't blame you. I'd like to be a teacher someday, but maybe through a private school or camp. Anyway, I'll link up your website to my blog and I'll be following your awesome projects!